My First Bite Of The Big Apple!

What’s up Unicorn Girls!Daja of Unicorns and Lipgloss

I want to tell you about my trip to New York, it was LIT! This was my first time going to New York and I was so excited because it gave me a chance to experience a lot of wonderful things for the first time. I also got the chance to meet a lot of great people who were super nice to me, because I was so cute and they knew my mom. LOL!!

Daja of Unicorns and LipglossDid I mention that this was my first time flying? Yeah it was and boy was I nervous. I was moving like ants were in my pants and I couldn’t stop talking (well I do that anyway). I asked to sit by the window but then, I couldn’t look because we were just up too high. I think I was doing the most because I got a headache and had to go to sleep. I slept until the flight got bumpy because it was so windy in New York, I thought Chicago was “The Windy City.” Anyway, since I am writing this post, you know we landed safe and it was on from there.

Our first stop was Brooklyn because my mommy had to have brunch with some of her girls. I was surprised when we got there because Miss Chante from the blog Everything Curvy and Chic was there and so was Miss Ty Alexander from Gorgeous in Grey; I read both of their blogs. I got to give them a little SnapChat tutorial because that is what I end up doing with all the time for older people and my mommy’s friends. Oh, this lady named Kayla was there too and she was cool, her blog is Model May I and she was my favorite.

Starting on Monday, we were on the move! My mommy had to go to so many events and all of them were in New York even though we stayed in New Jersey. I really felt like a city girl, taking Uber into the city, hailing cabs and going from one event to another. Wednesday was great because I got to meet the famous Miss Gwen Devoe and she was so nice and pretty. It was my first time on a yacht and I had the best time ever at the All White Curves At Sea Cruise. I met so many bloggers and designers. Everyone looked so pretty and handsome and they all kept telling me how much I looked like my mommy.Daja of Unicorns and Lipgloss

Friday was good but bitter sweet because I had to leave my auntie Carolynn in New Jersey and go to New York for the rest of our trip. I had not seen her in five years and I miss her because she is too funny. However, our hotel was near Time Square and it had a great view plus we got to walk to Time Square twice. My favorite time was at night because the lights were so bright and pretty. The people were super crazy and rude but I loved it. My mom took me to the M&M and Hershey’s stores and I was in heaven, it smelled so good.Daja of Unicorns and Lipgloss

I have to say, this trip was lit and I thank my mommy for bringing me with her although she was working. I also have to thank Miss Devoe for allowing my mommy to bring me and for making me her guest at all of the Full Figured Fashion Week events. It made me feel so happy to see my family and to meet all of these great plus size women. It really made me feel good and even more confident as a curvy teen. Yeah, New York was great and I will visit again but… THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME!


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